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10th June 1886

On Friday 10th June 2016 we will commemorate the 130 year anniversary of the eruption of Mount Tarawera.

This one event had such a devastating impact on our Tribe, the Tuhourangi people. In the early 1800’s Tuhourangi were considered one of the wealthiest Tribes in New Zealand largely because of the Tourism Industry.   

This area of Lake Tarawera and Lake Rotomahana enjoyed a steady stream of overseas visitors that would come to gaze up what was the 8th wonder of the Natural World- the Pink and White Terraces. Before they set off on their canoe journey across Lake Tarawera, they would stay at Te Wairoa and enjoy a night of cultural performances.

With the eruption on the 10th June 1886, this all abruptly ended. The Pink and White Terraces were gone, the landscape scarred and family members were dead.

Every year since, we have commemorated this event. With this being the 130th year we have an actioned pack day of events that will start at 3:00am in the morning with karakia (prayers) at the top of the Mountain itself. For us as a family this gives us the opportunity to remember and re-connect with our extended Tribal members.

For us as a business, this means that we are unable to provide any water taxi services for the general public as all of our water taxis are committed to this event. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused.


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10th June 1886
Totally Tarawera