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Opening Trout Fishing Season At Lake Tarawera

This weekend past was the opening of Trout fishing on Lake Tarawera and it brings 100's of fishermen and just about as many boats.

It is a great tradition of celebration at The Landing the evening before the opening with a boat blessing, bag pipes, haggis and whiskey shots.


Those keen for the early morning start stay on their boats overnight. There was at least one trout caught per angler some were very chuffed to catch more. Those that caught the green tagged variety were ecstatic, wondering if this elusive Trout would net them a $10 000.00 cash bonus.

All the boat ramps were jammed packed with SUV’s utes and boat trailers. The skill was to find a place to park and hopefully not get blocked in when you wanted to leave.

It was great weather for ducks not so much for fishermen. It pretty much poured most of the weekend with the brave sticking it out with raincoats and umbrellas. Those that had full canopy shelter and good toddies to keep warm, enjoyed superb luxury compared to their raincoat clad counterparts.


Monday morning most have gone with hopefully good tales and sweet memories. All we are left with are the tyre tracks kindly photographed by Captain Dave.

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Opening Trout Fishing Season At Lake Tarawera
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